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Annual leave and pay over the holidays

As the holiday season approaches, so does the shutdown period for many businesses. This is the time of year when it is easier to take off work due to many businesses slowing…

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Being aware of copyright infringement  

When sourcing content for your business, it can be tricky to determine what materials you can use without putting your business at risk of copyright infringement. With the internet providing a range…

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Defamation law in Australia

Defamation is a statement published or spoken that negatively impacts the reputation of a person. Individuals or corporations that employ less than 10 people, not related to another corporation, can sue another…

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A deed or an agreement?

The decision on whether to use a deed or an agreement can make a significant difference to the success of a transaction or project. Both document types are used to prepare contractual…

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Legal issues raised by social media

Social media is an established part of our everyday lives, as well as a key platform for many businesses. The rise of social media creates a number of legal issues that business…

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