Don’t let the Taxman disinherit your family!

Imagine if, after all your hard work, up to 40% of your accumulated wealth over $275,000 were to go to the Taxman when you died!

Unfortunately, that’s a real possibility thanks to capital gains tax.

But help is at hand: in many cases, it is possible to considerably reduce and sometimes eliminate altogether a person’s inheritance tax liability.

But you need to act now. The key is forward planning over many years with the help of a skilled professional adviser.

In mitigating your tax liability, care needs to be taken not to put your present lifestyle at risk by unnecessarily reducing your income or restricting access to your capital or property.

Our firm has years of experience in helping clients plan their estates so that their hard-earned wealth goes to the recipients they choose rather than the Taxman.

We would be happy to help you exercise the same choices.

Contact us today to talk about what we can do for you.

You owe it to your family and the other good causes you support to make sure they receive as much of your hard-earned wealth as you wish them to.

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