How to keep in contact with your clients

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for businesses to use the web to communicate effectively with their clients and potential customers in order to retain them during such difficult financial times. While the modern internet provides businesses with many avenues to contact their clients, a few key methods you can consider implementing in your business strategy are explained below.

Send regular emails with updates:
Retention emails are a good way to start when trying to stay in touch with your clients over the digital space. Your emails should express a deep understanding of your customers and the circumstances they are most likely in (e.g. currently in self-isolation), outline your business services which may provide support during trying times and above all, show that you care about their well-being and encourage their feedback.

Your emails should also include updates and news about your business so that your customers are aware of your circumstances as well. Make sure that your emails are distributed on a regular basis (e.g. once a week) without being too frequent and running the risk of spamming and putting off your customers.

Provide updates on your website and blog:
Another way you can stay in touch with your clients is to provide regular updates on your business services through your website and/or blog. Clients are more likely to visit your website if they are still interested in your services during such times, so it is important to be transparent and provide updates on your business activities through your website. Also, consider posting frequently on your blog and providing your clients with more interactive and current content to keep them engaged with your business.

Use interactive tools on social media:
If you are looking to keep up to date with your clients’ interests while simultaneously updating your clients on your business ventures, social media is the best way to do it. With more people on social media than ever, now is the time to take advantage of your various relevant social media platforms to not only post updates about your business but also keep up to date with your clients on a more personal level.

With features such as stories, polls, surveys and comment sections, you are sure to gain a more interactive and personal experience by communicating with your clients through social media. Take the time to reply to comments, start interactive promotions such as giveaways and let your audience know that you care about and want to be engaged with them.

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